Are Toronto Landlords Responsible for Dealing With Bed Bugs?

Pest infestations are the stuff nightmares of made of, especially when those pests are bed bugs. Bed bugs can greatly impair the daily lives of those that are lucky enough to host an infestation, affecting sleep quality, causing pain, discomfort, and reactions with their bites, and triggering embarrassment associated with the social stigma of being infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs are a major issue, and should be dealt with immediately.

Are landlords responsible for dealing with bed bugs?

In Ontario, landlords are responsible for ensuring that units are fit for habitation and compliant with provincial health standards. This means that Toronto landlords are responsible for paying for pest control treatments used to eradicate a bed bug infestation. Failure for landlords to take action can result in a case being opened with the Landlord and Tenant Board, which will investigate the situation further. This makes it extremely important for landlords to react quickly to bed bug infestations, working with their tenant and pest control professionals to solve the problem.

It’s the responsibility of the tenant to cooperate and coordinate with the landlord to control bed bugs, making it crucial that both parties work together to effectively deal with the situation. Since beg bugs aren’t technically considered to be an emergency situation, it’s important for landlords to remember that written notice must be given 24 hours before entering a unit. Proper notice will also have to be given to tenants before applying any sort of pesticide, allowing tenants to vacate the premises and move or remove any furniture or personal items.

Why are bed bugs such a serious problem?

In the years after World War II, it was thought that bed bugs had mostly been eradicated in North America, largely due to the widespread use of powerful pesticides. Unfortunately, these pesky critters made a major comeback during the 1990s, and now appear to be here to stay. Bed bugs are such a serious problem because of the difficulty to eliminate the infestation, especially without the help of a pest control professional.

Bed bugs are extremely resilient insects that feast on the blood of humans and animals at night – they tend to hide in extremely small crevices, like the seams of a box spring, mattress, or bed frame. They can multiply rapidly, survive without food for long stretches of time, and can move quickly from room to room in search of their next meal. Bed bugs can be difficult to identify by laymen because of their ability to hide in small spaces. Many people report only waking up with itchy areas as being the only symptom of their infestation. While bed bugs can’t transmit diseases, they can severely affect your quality of life, and as such, should be dealt with immediately.

How should tenants deal with a bed bug infestation?

The most important thing that tenants need to do after discovering a bed bug infestation is immediately inform their landlord. Without a clear and open line of communication, the problem will only continue to worsen and affect the daily lives of all those in the property.

By informing the landlord quickly, a plan of action can be developed and a pest control professional can be brought in before the problem spirals out of control. Tenants should remember to exercise caution when purchasing used furniture, or when staying in hotel rooms – bed bugs can affect anybody at any time, regardless of living conditions.

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