COVID-19 Considerations for Toronto Landlords

The battle to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19 continues all around the world. Canadians have been urged to stay indoors, practice proper hand washing and hygiene standards, and limit their interactions with those who are at-risk of being most affected by the coronavirus. Landlords play an important part in helping to spread the word about how their tenants can flatten the curve and assist those in need within their community. Toronto landlords can help slow the spread of COVID-19 and support at-risk tenants in many ways.

Make information available to tenants

Knowledge is one of the best weapons currently available. By keeping your tenants in the loop about what COVID-19 is, how risks can be mitigated through proper hygiene and regular cleaning, and what they should do until the threat has subsided, you’ll play a major role in managing their fears. We’re all in this together – regular communication with tenants on this subject will go a long way in making them feel more comfortable and confident that the situation is under control. COVID-19 awareness resources have been made available by the Government of Canada.

Assist at-risk tenants with important tasks wherever possible

Communities around the country have come together to assist each other in their hour of need. Canadians 65 years and older and those currently living with serious medical conditions like chronic lung disease, heart conditions, diabetes, liver disease, or chronic kidney disease are at higher risk of severe illness caused by COVID-19. It’s our duty to protect those who are at-risk by encouraging them to stay home. Landlords can help at-risk tenants by offering to run errands for them, including picking up essential groceries and prescriptions whenever possible. This ensures that at-risk tenants stay home, minimizing the chances that they come into contact with somebody carrying the virus.

Stay up-to-date so you can help tenants who believe they may be infected

The situation regarding the spread of COVID-19 changes on a daily basis, and so staying up-to-date with developments is crucial for landlords. Not only will it help you develop strategies to mitigate the risk of tenants contracting the virus, but it can also help you relay helpful information to tenants who may believe they’re infected. You can refer them to the Government of Canada’s self-assessment test, and the proper procedures to take once the self-assessment has been completed. Keeping up with the latest developments will also be critical in helping you respond quickly to rapidly changing situations like mandatory self-quarantines, travel bans, misinformation, and more.

Encourage thorough cleaning and disinfecting

One of the best things tenants can do to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is regularly clean and disinfect high traffic surfaces including door knobs, counter tops, taps, and toilet handles. The virus can survive for multiple days on surfaces like metal, glass, and plastic, and multiple hours on cardboard and other materials. Some sources state that it can even survive for up to 28 days in low temperature environments. This means that thorough cleaning should be practiced by tenants within their own units, and landlords should do their part by regularly disinfecting high traffic surfaces in common areas.

Set up hand sanitizing stations

Another common strategy that has been adopted by landlords around the country is to install hand sanitizing stations in common areas. These stations encourage tenants to practice proper hygiene when spending time in common areas, greatly reducing the risk of unknowingly spreading the virus to other tenants.

By making critical information available to tenants, staying up-to-date on developments, taking proactive precautions to mitigate risks, and assisting those in need, landlords can do their part in flattening the curve and helping the country return to normalcy sooner rather than later. Times may be tough, but we’re all in this together – by working together as a community, we can beat this.

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