Keeping Your Air Conditioning Running at Your Toronto Rental Property

Summer in Canada is thankfully short for landlords that have to deal with air conditioning systems. Room air conditioners are generally cared for by tenants unless there is a major failure, but central air systems need care and attention to ensure that they are running properly. Following these tips can help you avoid expensive emergency repair calls in the middle of a heat wave.


Tips for Central Air Conditioning Systems


Turning the AC Back on After a Power Outage

You can’t control power outages, but you should be ready to manually switch on central air conditioning when the power comes back on if the air conditioning doesn’t automatically switch on. You may not know about a power outage at your tenant’s location, but they will call you if their AC isn’t working. Power surges can cause the air conditioning system’s circuit breaker to overload and make it switch off as a safety feature. Follow these steps to safely turn it back on. You should do this yourself or have a contractor do it, don’t rely on the tenant to do it properly as they may not.


Test and Perform Necessary Repairs and maintenance in Spring

Ideally, you will turn on your air conditioning system and test it in the Spring, before the hot weather hits. You’ll find out quickly if you have to do any repairs or maintenance on the unit. Consult your unit’s manual to ensure you are doing the proper maintenance to keep it in working order; if you no longer have the manual, search the manufacturer’s website for your unit’s manual and/or maintenance needs.


Turn Air Conditioning Off in Fall

Consult your system’s manual to find the master switch which will allow you to turn it off at the source in the fall. This will ensure that it isn’t accidentally turned on during the winter, and protect it from power surges and other potential failures.


Have a Technician on Hand for Emergencies


Line up contractors in advance in the event that you may need emergency service. Generally, technicians will respond more quickly and better to people they have an existing working relationship with, so mine your current contractors first to see if they perform these services before looking for someone else.


Tips for Room Air Conditioners


Room air conditioners should be installed and tested in the Spring, when heat is less likely to be lost and before warm temperatures hit. You should perform this installation yourself or hire a contractor to do it to keep the tenant from damaging window frames and other structural components of the property. They should be removed in the Fall, preferably before heat is required in the property to avoid heat loss. If there is a failure during a heat wave, they should be repaired or replaced immediately.


If you don’t want to worry about air conditioning at your Toronto rental property, or anything else, talk to us about our property management services. We also offer repair and renovation services if you are looking for someone to install or maintain your air conditioning systems at your property.

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