Make Safer Real Estate Investments Through Your Toronto Property Manager


The two conventional ways of investing in real estate and finding investment opportunities, are finding them yourself or hiring a real estate agent for investment.

Now there’s a third, and it’s far better option.

When you use your property manager as your investment guide, you enjoy services that go far beyond what a real estate broker can provide.

Why Toronto Property Managers are your Best Investment Guides

More and more investors are coming to realize just how much their property management company can help them make smart, informed and financially astute decisions when buying commercial property. If you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense. It’s a wonder nobody came up with the idea until recently.

This is to say nothing about the sheer convenience of having your property management company and real estate advisors in the same office. Once you buy a property, they don’t even need to get any extra information to start managing it. The transition is seamless, instantaneous, effortless and cheaper as well.

Let’s examine the reasons this is a good idea, one by one.

A property management is perfectly informed on just how well a potential real estate property is worth in terms of:

  • Maintenance Expenses
  • Tenant Turnover Rate
  • Typical Vacancy Times
  • Tenant Expectations
  • Rent Increase History
  • Neighborhood Quality
  • Potential Problems

There is more, but this bullet list summarizes the important aspects and drives the point home. Whereas a real estate broker will need to seek out and familiarize themselves with each new property, a management company is likely to have more immediate access to real on-the-ground information of properties all over Toronto and the GTA by the sheer virtue of managing properties in the same area.

Get Real Estate Information From the Inside

As we just mentioned, simply being there and managing multiple properties around the city will keep a management company informed of all happenings in local neighborhoods. A real estate agent will need to be on the lookout all the time to find you the best deals, while a property management company is usually already appraised on the best deals. We always keep our radars scanning for new hot real estate deals and opportunities for our clients and know exactly where to find them.

We can also easily tell the difference between a good property investment and a problematic property that will not yield good ROI to the buyer.

Finally, something that we mentioned in passing in the beginning of this article but which should be stressed.

Once you make the purchase, the next step will be to hire a property management company to run it. If your real estate guide is your property management company, you will not need to go looking, hiring and getting one informed. The transition will be as smooth as moving a case from one department to another within the same company, because that’s exactly what will happen.

The time and effort saved on that alone is considerable.

If you wish to start reaping the rewards of having a Toronto property management company as your personal real estate guide, contact Highgate today. We are here for you.

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