Meet The Highgate Team – Jonathan Maloney

Jonathan Maloney, CEO & Acting President, Highgate Property Investments

We’re switching things up a bit by introducing you to various members of the Highgate team over the next few months. Each month, we’ll be doing an article about a member of our staff so you can get a sense of what the people behind Highgate’s success are like.

Real estate is in the Maloney blood

Our first profile is on our C.E.O., Jonathan Maloney. Highgate is very much a family business, with Jonathan’s brother and father also actively involved in day-to-day operations. His family got its start in real estate decades ago in St. John’s, Newfoundland where his grandmother ran a boarding house for the government with over twenty properties. She passed down her real estate genes to Jonathan’s dad, Brian, who moved to Toronto at the age of 18. When Jonathan was born in 1982, Brian decided to enter the real estate world. He would take young Jonathan along with him when he went to show a property and negotiate deals, so Jonathan got a real-world education in real estate from the time he was very young.

Brian was also a pioneer in the area of property management – he would have clients want to sell homes that were badly in need of cleaning and renovation, so he developed a network of contractors who could provide these services for him and his clients. From there, the property management side of the business grew substantially.

Jonathan wasn’t afraid of hard work as a young adult

As a young adult, Jonathan wasn’t afraid of dirty or hard work. Wanting to get some life experience under his belt before joining the family business, he held down various jobs. Being a gas station attendant, construction labourer and chimney sweep gave him a solid work ethic and real-world experience. In 2003, he left this behind to partner with his father in Highgate to manage the family business.

A typical day for Jonathan is getting the best value for clients

As the lead on day-to-day operations, Jonathan has his finger on the pulse of what is happening in the business. Most of his day is spent trying to make the company as efficient as possible so that less time is spent on things that don’t make Highgate clients money – and even ways they can spend less. Jonathan is always looking for a better way to market client properties and save money on everyday items like repairs. “One of the things that upsets clients is the high cost of things that they need for their property, so we’re always looking for ways to mitigate that for them,” says Jonathan.

Jonathan is also a straight shooter, and won’t sugar coat his opinions of what a client needs to do to a property in order to attract the right type of buyers or renters. Clients rely on his vast experience to market their properties and make good deals for them, so they don’t have a problem listening to his straightforward advice. His passion for what he does is immediately noticeable when you meet him, and partnering with Highgate means you have Jonathan’s expertise on your team for a long time to come.

At the end of the day, a devotion to client satisfaction and a keen awareness that clients are trusting Highgate with their business is what drives him to achieve excellent results. Put simply, the best service for the best value.

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