Meet the Highgate Team: Justin Maloney

Justin Maloney, our office manager, is the next member of our team we’d like to introduce you to. Justin is one of three Maloneys working with Highgate, which is very much a family-run business. His father Brian and brother, Jonathan, have key roles in the business.

From academic to cornerstone of family business

Justin has been working at Highgate for just over four years, managing accounts payable and client communications. He’s even had a hand in some of our marketing efforts, such as writing copy for the website and other content creation. Since Justin is nearly always in the office, he usually deals with our clients who call in with questions.

Justin was originally on an academic career path, with eight years of postsecondary school. He spent four years in a general college program with a specialisation in science, and four years at University with an undergraduate degree in psychology. He has also taken a paramedics course. When he was trying to decide between a professional degree to become a doctor or a lawyer, his father and brother talked him into helping to run the family business instead.

“If I became a lawyer or a doctor, my expenses would have been very high and my revenues would have ended the day I stopped working. This way, I get to contribute to the family business, and have a part in that legacy. I’m building my future with my family.”

Working with Highgate is rewarding to Justin

Justin enjoys all of the daily challenges that come with the job, and loves that he’s working with family. He’s seen the business grow significantly since he started four years ago. Project implementation and getting things off the ground is one of the more rewarding parts of the job, as is getting to know the clients Highgate deals with on a daily basis.

Justin is all about self-improvement, and sees his career as another tool to help him on this continual journey. “This job helps me to grow as a person, teaches me what I am capable of, and refines my skills on a daily basis.”

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