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Our Team

Jonathan Maloney

Jonathan Maloney is the acting CEO and president of HighGate Property Investments Inc. At an early age Jonathan inherited the company, a small property management enterprise with only fifteen clients.

Building upon his humble beginnings, Jonathan instilled a philosophy into the company that is based upon team work, empathy, communication, and customer service. From his dedication to these principles, HighGate Property Investments Inc. has grown into a flourishing property management firm with over four hundred managed properties.

To this day, Jonathan is still actively involved in the company through mentoring staff members, chairing meetings, and shaping the vision and future of the company. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his bike and spending time with his two small children.

Justin Maloney

Justin Maloney is the acting Account Manager of HighGate Property Investments Inc. After completing his degree, Justin went on to work with his brother.

Starting with the company five years ago, Justin has continued to play a pivotal role in the successful day to day operations of HighGate Property Investments Inc. and has helped to build the company by implementing procedures and protocols, which have improved customer service.

In his free time, Justin enjoys practising yoga, riding his bike and reading.


I would say my work history has been a mix – ranging from manual labour to more customer and client services related positions. As the Property Administrator it is my responsibility to ensure that our clients receive their rent payments on time, that utility accounts are set up, and to respond to both tenant and owner inquiries, among other projects.

HighGate is a great place to be able to utilize my experience in client service and to get involved in the realm of property management. I am always looking to grow personally and professionally, and I truly feel that HighGate provides that opportunity. When not at work, I can usually be found listening to music with my nose stuck in a book or spending time learning to play the guitar, with the hopes of learning to play the piano in the not-to-distant future.

Ada Zhou

My name is Ada Zhou. After my high school in China, I came to Canada. First, I spent years working in a factory, then pursued my further education in accounting. During those years, I became an accounting tutor in Humber College, I also looked after books and accounting for my family business-contracting and restaurant.

After obtaining my account degree, I went on working in the accounting department of a large garment firm as an accounting clerk. Now it is thrilled to join in Highgate’s team as an accounting member. Highgate is one of the best property management /investment firm, which has excellent reputation. That is the reason I joined in without hesitation. My family and I are very interested in property investment and management. Surely I can learn a lot through all the works here. As account manager, I commit to myself to offer my best services to clients and contribute my efforts to our company.

Hiking, exercise, dancing and Ping-Pong are my daily favorite activities with my husband.

Karen King

Karen brings considerable customer service experience and a passion for real estate to her role as Property Manager. Her aim is to use those skills to ensure that everyone has a great experience at Highgate. Her main responsibilities will be setting up new managements, coordinating listings and any lease related issues. She has an interest in real estate and interior design and plans to apply for her Real Estate license in the future.

When she is not in the office, she can be found helping out her local Community Association or strolling around the city with her dogs, Frankie & Beans.

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