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Maintenance & Renovations

HighGate Toronto Home Renovations, Maintenance and Repairs

Our full-fledged maintenance department has been handling repairs, work orders and renovations for over 30 years on the properties we manage.

HighGate is proud to make these services available to the public in and around Toronto where the many properties we manage are located.

We insist on having expert and cost-effective maintenance, renovations and everyday repairs done on our own properties.

We think that the owners of businesses, houses and condos in Toronto that we don’t manage should have access to the same professional quality for their own Toronto home renovations, maintenance, repairs and general handywork.

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From repairing a roof to re-finishing a basement, and for everything in between, HighGate is here to handle your property’s top-to-bottom renovation needs.

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Maintenance and Repairs

HighGate Property Investments strives to have a stellar record of rental and commercial property maintenance services on the properties we manage.

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