Spring Maintenance Checklist for Toronto Rental Properties

Spring is here! For homeowners, it’s time to inspect their properties to see if the cold weather has wreaked any havoc on their homes – and barring that, time to turn on outside water, clean up patios and decks, and get the home ready for enjoying the outdoors.

Rental property owners have a few more items they may want to add to their checklist at this time. Tenants are responsible for the general state of cleanliness of their property, both inside and out – so focus on maintenance items that could lead to bigger problems down the road for you.


  1. Inspect and Test Air Conditioning


Save yourself an emergency call on a sweltering summer day from your tenants by thoroughly inspecting and testing all HVAC systems in the property. That way, if you need anything fixed, it’s done well in advance of our hot Toronto summers.


  1. Clear debris and check exterior of property


Keep the roof clear by digging leaves and any other debris out of eavestroughs.You can use this opportunity to check for any cracks in the foundation, areas that need to be touched up with paint, or any loose siding that may need repair. You’ll also want to check outdoor light fixtures and replace any burnt-out bulbs.


  1. Check your roof

The general rule for roof maintenance is to inspect the roof annually for any loose shingles or flashing that may lead to leaks. You may want to hire a roofing company for this job, as you may not know what to look for. They can also give you a good idea of things that may be a problem as opposed to items that are just cosmetic.


  1. Mend your fences and decks

Check that fences and gates are in good repair, and that locks in place are working correctly. Replace missing slats on wood fences or sections of chain fence that are in disrepair. Check that any decking in place is structurally sound and replace any boards that are missing or broken.


  1. Do an appliance checkup

Ask your tenants if any appliances on the property need repair, and inspect them yourself to discover any items they may have missed. Use this opportunity to test and inspect thermostats, the furnace, and water heaters as well.


How Highgate manages the spring routine


We have a checklist that we follow for each property which includes the following items, where they are present on the property:

  • Pool and hot tub clean up and opening
  • Clearing eavestroughs
  • Turn on and test outside water
  • Testing and turning on irrigation systems
  • Furnace and air conditioning maintenance


While our maintenance personnel are on the property, they will also do things like check the caulking in the bathroom and kitchen and fire alarms. Any small issues will be identified which could become larger ones down the road. We’ll also check the exterior around the property to see if any issues have come up during the winter.


If you have any special requests for your property we will fulfill them – not on our spring checkup rounds, but throughout the year.


The difference between going it alone as a landlord and hiring a professional property management company is that we have experts and contractors on staff who perform property maintenance and repair duties daily. If you did a walkthrough in the Spring of your property, you may not be able to identify the issues that we can, and this could cost you money down the road. Add in tenant screening, help in setting the right rental rates, and much more and our service very nearly pays for itself.


If you’d like to give Highgate a try and start with your spring cleanup, give us a call today!


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