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Tenant Resources

Info for Tenants of HighGate Properties

Welcome to HighGate Property Investments Inc. We are excited that you have decided to rent a property that we manage. As your property management company, we will undertake every effort to ensure that you have a comfortable and relaxing place to call home. Below, you can find a list of commonly asked question with the respective answers. As well, you can also find a few guides that pertain to your tenancy, such as moving out or appliance care. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact a representative from HighGate.

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Guarantor Agreement

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Information for New Tenants

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Tenant’s Notice to End the Tenancy

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Rental Application

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Requirements for Renting a Highgate Property

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Tenants can now pay their rent online, and make other one time payments using Rent Moola. Like Email Money Transfers but without the hassle of a daily limit, by Using Rent Moola, tenants can earn redeemable perks for Uber, Starbucks, and other popular retailers and setup automatic monthly transfers for their rent payments. For more information of setting up a Rent Moola account: Click Here.

Malfunctioning dishwasher? Leaky Faucet? Other maintenance issues with your property? To access your online tenant portal: Click Here

On the landing page, please click the orange “New Service Request” button and follow the necessary prompts to complete a maintenance request. A staff member will be in contact with you shortly following your submission to schedule a service call.

Giving Notice Of Your Intentions To Terminate Your Tenancy

To lawfully terminate your tenancy, you must provide at least 60 days’ notice. The examples below will demonstrate the appropriate and legal procedures to follow if you are on a fixed-term tenancy, or a month to month tenancy.

Example (1) – Fixed Term Tenancy

Jon and Kelly are on a fixed term tenancy that expires on August 31st, 2017, and they would like to end the tenancy when their lease expires. Jon and Kelly must submit notice to the landlord by July 1st, 2017 to lawfully terminate their tenancy.

Example (2) – Month to Month Tenancy

Brian and Dwight decide on June 1st, 2017 that they would like to terminate the tenancy. Their rent payment is due on the 15th of the month. Brian and Dwight must provide 60 days’ notice from their next payment date. As a result, Brian and Dwight Submit notice on June 15th, 2017 to lawfully terminate the tenancy on August 14th, 2017.

For more information on lawfully terminating your tenancy, please visit the following Landlord and Tenant Board website: Click Here

Responsibilities Of A Tenant Upon Moving Out

Prior to vacating the rental unit, it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the property has been left in a clean, broom-swept manner, and that it will return to the landlord in the same condition as when the tenant took occupancy. The property should be free of debris, garbage, and personal contents, which can include furnishings and items. For a complete list of your responsibilities upon vacating the property, please visit the following link: Click Here

Forwarding Address

It is recommended that you provide your creditors, such as your credit card and utility companies, with a forwarding address well in advance of your move-out date. Failing to do so may result in bills being delivered to the unit, which if left are unpaid can affect your credit rating.

Scheduling a move-in appointment, and moving into the property, is contingent upon fulfilling the requirements that have been discussed with you by your leasing consultant and property coordinator.

A move-in appointment will not be scheduled until our offices have received the following items:

  1. The deposit paid in full and in certified funds;
  2. 10 post-dated rent cheques;
  3. Insurance binder, or proof of valid insurance policy;
  4. Proof of utility transfer into tenant’s name, where necessary and;
  5. Any other items that has been requested by your leasing consultant or property coordinator

The time of your move-in appointment will be at the discretion of your assigned property coordinator. Please do not book any moving services or utility services appointments until first speaking to your property coordinator, and confirming both a time and date for your move-in appointment.

During the move-in, a move-in inspection will be performed. A number of photos will be taken to document the condition of the unit, and a move-in checklist will be completed.

If you are living in a freehold residential dwelling and have exclusive use of the front and/or back yards, you will be responsible for the routine maintenance of the lawn and garden while residing at the property, unless otherwise stipulated in the lease agreement. Your responsibilities include clearing snow, salting, mowing, raking leaves, trimming bushes or hedges, and tending to garden beds.

We have provided a comprehensive appliance guide, which can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Comprehensive Appliance Guide. However, there are a few key preventative maintenance tasks which are essential in increasing the lifespan of the appliances and preventing malfunctions or breakdowns.


  • Ensure the back panel of the fridge is at least six inches away from the wall
  • Do not overfill, as this will impede air circulation and force the compressor to work continuously

Washing Machine

  • Do not place large items, such as comforters in the machine.
  • Like sized items should be washed in the same load to prevent misbalancing the machine


  • Clean lint trap after every use


  • Immediately clean any spills to prevent staining
  • Hardened stains can be removed with the edge of a razor scraper


  • Thoroughly clean dishes before placing in dishwasher
  • Clean filter weekly

The Ontario Fire Codes requires that all residential properties be equipped with both Smoke Alarms and CO2 detectors, or combination units. These units are vital to your safety, and your neighbor’s. Landlords are responsible for installing these units. However, all tenants must ensure that the units are functional by replacing batteries, and immediately reporting any faulty or expired units to our maintenance department.

Services and inspections for both furnaces and heat pumps are scheduled accordingly to the manufacturer’s specifications. To ensure optimal quality of air and longevity of the unit, the tenants must replace the filters every 4-6 months, or sooner depending on the number of pets and occupants. Furnace failures and repairs due to clogged filters will be charged back to the tenants. For further information on the size of the filter or installation, please refer to the furnace manual on site or contact our office.

From time to time, HighGate Property Investments Inc. may require access to your unit to perform an inspection to determine if any repairs are required, and to note the general condition of the interior. Prior to scheduling an inspection appointment, you will first be contacted to determine a time and date that is convenient to you. Your attendance at the inspection is not required, but is optional if you would prefer to be present. During the inspection, photographs may be taken of both the exterior and interior of your rental unit.

As per the Residential Tenancy Act, all fixed-term leases are renewed automatically on a month to month tenancy unless the tenancy is first terminated upon the maturity date of the fixed-term lease from either the Tenant or Landlord providing the appropriate and legal notice to do so.

At the end of a one year fixed-term lease, the Residential Tenancy Act permits a landlord to increase a tenant’s rent as per the allowable guidelines, or to a specific amount if your rental unit is exempt from the rental increase guidelines. For example, if your one year tenancy ends on July 30th, 2017, your next rental payment would be at the increased amount. Following this, the Landlord is legally permitted to increase a tenant’s rent every year.

For more information on rental increases, please visit the following website: Click Here

Your lease agreement will stipulate the utilities that you are responsible for paying during the term of your tenancy. In condominiums, you will be responsible for the electricity; in freehold residential units, you will be responsible for all utilities; and in condominium townhouses, the utility assignments can vary. Until you have provided our offices with proof of the applicable utility transfer into your name, you will not be permitted to move into the property, or assigned a move-in date.

Prior to moving out of the property, it is important that you provide all utility companies with a forwarding address; this will ensure that you receive your final utility bills and that you will have the necessary information to pay these bills in full. Failure to do so may result in the final utility bills being sent to the property, and collection actions being filed against you for outstanding utility charges that you were unaware of.

HighGate Property Investments Inc. requires all tenants to hold a valid insurance policy for contents and liability, or what is otherwise known as “Tenant’s Insurance”. The premiums for these policies are less costly than a typical home owner’s policy, and range from $100.00-$250.00. Discounts for these policies are also available by grouping insurance policies under a single provider.

In addition to providing protection to your contents and items, Tenant’s Insurance will also protect you from any liability claims that may be filed against you. For example, if were to leave the unit and forget to turn a tap off, or blow a candle out, and catastrophic damage results from this, you can be held liable for these damages. As a result, a claim may be filed against you to collect compensation. Your insurance policy will provide an amount of liability coverage, which will safeguard you from being responsible to pay for these damages yourself or out of pocket.

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