Gloria and Charles Mintah

“Just prior to meeting HighGate, we purchased a home that was only three years old but, to quote Brian, it is like a 15-year old house; it has been very badly abused by the owners. It would need a lot of work. It is our house but we felt comfortable leaving the work and decisions to HighGate because Brian took his time to explain to us his vision for the house and where he wanted to take it. He also assured us, any time we got dejected, that the house would be stunning on completion of the repair works. The work is now completed and on budget. We are pleased to say that, indeed, the house looks stunning. We cannot say enough thank you to Brian and his HighGate crew for not only the work but also for successfully renting out the house.

We told Brian the first time we met him that we knew we had hired the right company to manage the property. We still stand by that statement.

Brian, John and Christine, thanks and thanks again.”

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