Julio Cabellos and Jacqui Dunal

“Once we met with Brian and Jonathan at our townhouse we immediately knew that HighGate was going to get our business. They arrived on time, were very professional and answered all the questions to our satisfaction. They made us feel very comfortable handing over our investment – a ‘novelty’ property since it has its own private elevator. The next day after our initial meeting they provided us with market research data and a copy of their contract for review. All of this was done electronically. Once we signed the contract they provided an interior designer to prep the property and dealt with the advertising. All of this was done in a couple of days. They arranged viewings and screened potential clients within a matter of days and secured a corporate tenant within a couple of weeks which was our requirement. They were always available past the business hours and responded to our e-mail messages and calls promptly always making us feel very comfortable with their suggestions. Once the tenants were chosen they checked them in and made the tenants feel very comfortable. Both Brian and Jonathan are the most professional individuals. They tuned in very fast and listened to us. We quickly recognized that this kind of skill set comes with experience and success. Brian and Jonathan are very successful in their field. They are successful because they have the experience, the know-how and the skills. So now we are handing over another investment property to them because we know that both of them will perform to our expectations. We can simply relax and leave our next property to Brian and Jonathan because they will perform and make it happen….”

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