Rene L

I would like to thank you,Jonathan and the rest of the staff for the excellent job you did in leasing my condo and having everything signed and completed in under six days.I initially placed the unit for sale because I did not want to deal with a management company after a previous business relationship with a large builder offering management services in their buildings.I ended up selling the unit in 2012 as the market improved just to get out of having to deal with a property management company.This condo was supposed to be lived in by my parents,however a serious health diagnosis prevented them from moving in and it sat empty waiting for them.The prospect of having to deal with another management company steered me towards selling,and it was only after searching many evenings that I decided to send you an email.Your quick response and availability to answer all my questions and your eagerness to help me, even though I was not a client as yet made my decision to use your services an easy one.Thank you for such an easy and seamless transition into being a landlord again in this city. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.I can say without a doubt that your service is the best I have experienced as I have several investment properties in the States and have dealt with several property management companies as I continue to search for the best managers.

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