Tim and Barbara Berends

“We heard about Highgate from neighbours who were renting a house near our own and spoke well of their professional involvement as property managers of their home. We own a home that we wanted to rent while we are away for the next three years. We called Highgate and set up a meeting with Brian and Jonathan Maloney. The result of this very helpful meeting and subsequent events have left us full of gratitude for the approach that Highgate has taken to people, to personal service, to investment, to long-term planning. They now serve as property managers of our home and have rented it to people that “fit” with our home; they also helped us purchase a condo from which we can come and go in an area that is a perfect fit for our needs in this season of life. The approach of Highgate has launched us not only into a new season of life but into a plan towards financial freedom that will allow us to pursue some of our life goals now that our four children are launched. We trust them, and they have already proven themselves to be worthy of that trust. ”

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