Keeping Your Toronto Rental Property Clean Between Tenants

Your tenant has moved out and you’re getting prepared to host a new one. Before you get the lease agreement signed, there’s one major thing you need to do – clean the property. Cleaning between tenants is one of the best ways to market your newly available property, because a pristine looking unit is going to be much more attractive to prospective tenants than one that feels more “lived in”.

Cleaning between tenants is a great way to boost the perceived value of your rental property, and will ensure that your tenant is immediately satisfied with their new home. On top of this, it presents you with an excellent opportunity to extend the lifespan of your property, and to address nagging maintenance issues that have been put off.

Ask tenants to clean before they go

Some landlords require tenants to clean the unit before vacating it, which can be an effective way of getting started on cleaning between tenants. Landlords can give tenants a checklist of what should be cleaned and perform a move-out inspection to determine how much more work will be required, and how long it’ll be before it’s move-in ready again. Keep in mind that asking tenants to clean before they leave will only just get the cleaning process started and shouldn’t be the only cleaning done in the interim.

Replace anything showing signs of wear and tear

Wear and tear is an expected part of owning a rental property, and should absolutely be taken into account while cleaning between tenants. This is especially true for any furnishings that are supplied by you for long-term use by the tenants.

Furniture including couches and chairs should be properly inspected for signs of wear and tear, and replaced if deemed beyond repair. Commonly used appliances like stoves, fridges, washing machines, and dryers should also be inspected. If they’re in good working order and still appear clean, then there’s probably no need to replace them anytime soon. Carpets should be thoroughly cleaned with a carpet cleaner (or by a professional service), and walls, interior doors, trim and door frames should all be repainted.

Hire a professional cleaner

Let’s face it, many Toronto landlords simply don’t have the free time it requires to effectively clean a rental property between tenants. Between your job, personal life, hobbies, and possibly even other tenants, there’s just no time for thorough cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean the property for you is your best bet, as they’ll do it faster and more effectively than you’ll be able to, saving you time and getting you on track to finding a new tenant sooner.

Professional cleaning services know where to clean (especially when it comes to forgotten nooks and crannies), how to clean it, and how to make things shine and shimmer. Professional cleaners will also clean walls, blinds, the exterior of your property, and other areas that are often overlooked during deep cleans. Keep in mind that the best way to track down a reputable cleaning service is through word of mouth – consult friends, family members, and other members of the Toronto landlord community to find a reliable service that works for you.

Be proactive about maintenance

With the property having been deep cleaned, you’re almost ready for your new tenant to move in. Before they can do this, you should take the opportunity to take care of any maintenance work that may have been put off. This is a great opportunity to ensure that heating and cooling systems are working as they should be, plumbing and appliances still work properly, doors and windows are in good shape, and gutters have been properly cleaned.

Checking on all of these elements of your property will help save you time and frustration in the long run, letting you get neglected maintenance work done before tenants officially move in. They’ll be happier for it, and there’s a good chance you won’t have to worry about it until the next time a tenant moves out.

Toronto property management companies like HighGate Properties are highly experienced with cleaning rental properties between tenants. Our expert team works with professional cleaning services to ensure that your property is spotless before your new tenant moves in, giving you a chance to breathe and tend to the more important parts of your busy life. For more information about the Toronto property management and realty services offered by the team at HighGate Properties, contact us today.

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