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Property Management Fees

We believe in honest and transparent pricing. At HighGate, we strive to provide top notch property management services while staying affordable. Our goal is to ensure that you maximize your profits. 

Freehold House

$185 per month


$120 per month

Multi Unit House

$80 per unit per month

Real Time Online Reporting

Responsive Handling of Repairs & Planned Maintenance

Initial Property Inspection

Organized & On-Time Rent Collection

24/7 Emergency Availability

Expert Tenant Management

Timely Payment of Property Expenses

Rent Warranty Program

Fall Inspections

Spring Inspections

Moving Inspections

Tenant Locator Fee

One Month’s Rent

One Month’s Rent

One Month’s Rent

Non-Resident Tax

$30 per month

$30 per month

$30 per month

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Trust the team at HighGate to manage your property so you can focus on what matters while maximizing your profits.