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There are a number of websites, software-as-a-service solutions, and apps out there that can be very handy for landlords. But we all know the frustrating feeling when we read about something really cool and find out that we can’t use it because we’re Canadian. We’ve curated a list of tech tools that Canadian landlords have full access to that can help you organize your property business from listings to payments.

Online payments with Payquad

Sure, Interac transfers are easy to make and accept – if your client is with the Royal Bank and has a personal account, they’re even free. But if you want something a little more secure than an Interac transfer, Payquad has you covered. It’s based in Toronto, and it’s free.

Payquad is an online payment system built specifically for landlords and property managers, and includes not just regular rent payments but maintenance requests. Tenants can access it from their computer or mobile device, just as they would do with any other cloud-based service. They can pay by any means, including credit card. Payquad offers advanced security and real-time data reports; a helpful tool for property managers who juggle multiple properties and tenants.


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Invoicing with Freshbooks


Quickbooks is so 1999. If you just have a couple of properties, chances are you aren’t sending and receiving that many invoices, but you do have to document expenses and taxes just like any other business. That’s where this extremely successful Toronto tech company comes in. Freshbooks has all the basics you need, from invoicing to estimates to reporting, without the bulky learning curve that comes with most accounting solutions. Plus it’s cheap – bill up to 50 active clients for $25 a month, up to 5 for $15. Plus, if you need it, they have a payment system which allows you to accept credit cards.

Most importantly, if you need help, you can call and someone answers the phone. In the company offices. In Toronto. That’s huge.

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At first blush, this tool can seem expensive – but for effective online marketing of your property, it’s hard to beat the price. Especially since you can choose to just list from month to month if you only have one or two properties in rotation. Packages range between $49.95 and $99.95. With the current hotness of the rental market, you can probably park your listings with the cheapest package, at least to start.

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Multiple Services with Ontario Landlords Association

This association is worth joining for many reasons, but one of the core ones is the array of online services that you get a discount on once you are a member. These services include:

  • Online credit checks
  • Online criminal checks
  • Forums for Ontario landlords


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While these services can make your life easier, they are no substitution for a professional Toronto property management company like Highgate. Contact us to find out how we can make your life easier by handling everything about your rental property for you.

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