Winter Maintenance Checklist for Toronto Rental Properties

Winter is coming – this means that it’s about time for property owners and homeowners to go through their seasonal checklists and prepare their homes for the coming cold weather. This is the time of year to close up your pools and hot tubs, inspect boilers and furnaces, and to make sure that your property is properly protected from the freezing temperatures and falling snow.


Failure to properly prepare your property can result in expensive damage, loss of rental income, and further expenses resulting from not being proactive. The winter season is probably the most important season of the year when it comes to property maintenance, but don’t let that intimidate you – we talked with Highgate’s maintenance manager Bita Ebrahimzadeh who helped us prepare a winter maintenance checklist for you.

1. Replace furnace filters

This is an important step that’ll ensure your tenants are warm and protected from the elements during harsh winter months. Furnace filters should be replaced every few months in order to keep your furnaces running as maximum efficiency, and to protect you and your tenants from harmful pollutants entering the home.


2. Clean your eavestroughs

If your eavestroughs are full of gunk, snow and ice can build up inside and eventually cause water to back up against your house – this can cause all sorts of damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Check for damaged eavestroughs while you’re at it – it’ll save you from damaging leaks during the spring.


3. Check CO2 and fire alarms

Checking your CO2 and fire alarms is something that should be done regularly, preferably every time you’re going through a maintenance checklist. This step is as easy as making sure alarms are still in working order, have not expired, and have working batteries. You and your tenants will sleep better at night knowing that these alarms are working for them.


4. Close pools and hot tubs

Unfortunately, after a short summer season it’s time to close up your pools and hot tubs. Before closing them up for the winter you’ll want to inspect for any leaks and damage in the liner. After adding the proper chemicals to your pool or hot tub, you’ll be able to disconnect any filters or hoses, and finally install the winter cover.


5. Check your boiler

Making sure your boilers are in working order is another important step when preparing your properties for the winter, and your tenants and water pipes will thank you for it. If you should notice something wrong with your boiler, you should immediately contact an HVAC technician who will be able to solve the problem quickly and safely.


6. Turn off outside water and winterize your irrigation system

Turning off your outdoor water faucets is the only sure way to keep them from freezing during the winter. Garden hoses should be disconnected, faucets properly closed, and shut-offs activated. By being proactive about your outdoor water and irrigation systems you’ll save yourself a lot of grief in the springtime.


We also recommend that property owners are proactive about making arrangements for snow removal before winter hits. Waiting too long to contract your snow removal can put you at the bottom of the priority list for many snow removal companies, costing you more money in the long run. This step is even more important when it comes to sidewalk-adjacent properties, as notices and fines can result from not clearing sidewalks in certain areas.


The winter maintenance checklist is designed to help make the transition to winter a seamless one for yourself and your tenants. Being proactive about winter preparation will save you time and money, and will ensure that your properties require less maintenance in the spring season.


Highgate offers maintenance throughout the year, and can fulfill any special requests you may have in order to prepare you for the upcoming winter. Highgate has a professional maintenance management team who can help prepare your properties for the winter, and will professionally follow this checklist for your property, plus any special requests you may have. If you need help maintaining your property, contact Highgate today!

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